Saturday, July 11, 2009

Google VS Microsoft

After a decades worth of web domination, Google Inc. have finally invaded the software world, launching Gogle Chrome OS, leaving Microsoft and Apple baffled.

Apple could still survive this competition having not built their base upon software developements only. Apple have endorsed numerous variety of fields including Internet entertaintment with the launch of iTunes a few years back, they have also strenghtend it with the production of the ever popular digital media player series, iPod and the smart phone series iPhone. They have also attempted to compete with Microsoft in the OS department by launching Macintosh OS, which was not as popular as Windows but is still preferred for the use of multimedia publications. Not to mention the Macromedia buy-out by Apple and the success of Photoshop,Flash,Dreamweaver,and many more graphics software.

Microsoft, however, have grown and depended on software manufacturing solely. After 33 years of being recognised as the biggest software company in the world are now facing the prospect of their prized project for many years, The Windows Series, losing a battle to Google's new Chrome OS. Chrome OS is said to be a Linux based operating system with minimal loading time while not neglecting the aspect of good visuals. It is also said to be a window-less operating system to maximize efficiency. More about Chrome OS in later blogs.
Microsoft have long been rivals of Google, and the have bitterly lost many battles. First, Microsoft wanted to dominated email and bought over MSN. But Google then came up with GMail and MSN was soon forgotten. Then Microsoft produced the MSN messenger to salvage their Internet dreams but was beaten by Google Talk. Recently, Google's Chrome Web Browser brought users to a new level of web surfing and made them neglect the ever so popular Internet Explorer series by Microsoft.
Is Microsoft really fighting a losing battle? And after the nightmare of Windows Vista, could
Windows 7, set to be launched ealy October, be the "IT" thing to beat Google Chrome OS? Could Google very well be the next Microsoft?